Data Manipulator. Avid Geocacher. Marketing Maven.

About Sarah

Since 2013 I’ve been on a mission to help CEO’s determine their Social Media ROI in simplified yet effective formats. My start as a Social Media Manager has progressed to contract consulting and I’ve worked tirelessly to stay true to my core beliefs of delivering high value action steps through custom web analysis.

“I’m passionate about producing value.”

It’s a fact, people have changed the way they make purchasing decisions and it requires savvy creativity to illicit valuable content that leads to action. In a 2013 consulting opportunity with InCare, I was asked to create a “social buzz.” This old school company looking to make an online impact tried my skills and tested the social waters.  With a countdown on the project I quickly became obsessed with proving my value. The only way I determined how was to track each lead their online content generated. Through that success I discovered the essential necessity of data analytics, and am now convinced it’s the foundation of every effective marketing decision.

“My dynamic skills are pretty sweet!”

I am fully aware of the disconnect between Social Media Marketing and Social Media Measurement and look to bridge that gap in everything I do.  As a certified Social Media Marketing and Mass Communications expert through the University of Florida, I have the technical skills to produce effective measurement of every social media channel available. My personal specialty is in setting up and monitoring metrics to track leads that determine social conversions, then creating content based on the results.


I know what metrics to set up and monitor to track leads and determine where conversions came from; Like I did with InCare.


I know how to  implement an Integrated Marketing Mix showcasing cohesive branding across the web; Like I did with One Spark.


I know how to manage social platforms to produce a responsive community that markets for you; Like I did with Live Wichita.

Learn How I Did It

Learn How I Did It

Learn How I Did It