Web Marketing Analysis
Web Marketing Analysis

Web Marketing should be fun, right?! Well, I think so!

But are you having fun? Or are you pulling your hair out?

This {5 Minute} Assessment will be used to determine the current health of your web marketing strategies – Tweet It!

Each Analysis come with {THREE FREE} action steps you can implement immediately, teaching you how to build a community that markets for you; and having fun in the process!

So, let me help you keep your hair and learn to enjoy advanced web marketing!

Now, lets get started!

Let's Get Analytical!

Link to your Company Website *

Is Google Analytics set up for this site? *

Do you have steps in place to track leads? *

In what capacity do you see Analytics having on the future success of your organizations growth?

Do you know what organic keywords potential clients use to find your organization? *

{Using Analytics} What do you consider the most important goal to track?

Let's Get {Socially} Engaged: How You Interact With Social Fans

How would you best describe your Social Engagements?

Do you currently use a posting calendar?

Do you run ads with clear calls to action?

Do you currently have a method to monitor who's talking about your brand?

What are your overall Social Media Marketing goals?

Do you use your Social Media accounts to answer repetitive questions in a unique way?

Do you currently have a system to monitor and measure your social media efforts?

Are you looking to use your social media strategy to become an industry expert?

How would you rate the importance of analyzing your Social Media efforts?

Do you ever offer discounts, coupons or hold online contests?

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